Artist Kadnay: poster of concerts 2022

Билеты Main Music Ceremony "YUNA Award
22 march 19:00 friday
Main Music Ceremony "YUNA Award
Event ended
Билеты Карнавальна Феєрія
12 december 18:00 thursday
Карнавальна Феєрія
Event ended
Билеты Благодійний арт-пікнік
02 july 12:00 saturday
Благодійний арт-пікнік
Event ended


Britpop, Pop

The musical group Kadnay whose songs are listened to today not only by the Ukrainian public, but, by and large, the whole world. The national selection for Eurovision 2018 will be marked by a concert performance by the well-known performer Kadnay, who already tried his luck last year.
You can listen to songs performed by the Kadnay group not only at live concerts. Musical compositions are available for free download on the Internet. The group attracts the interest of the audience with its unusual presentation, original stage images and great hits.
This musical group can be seen in the final qualifying round for Eurovision on February 28, 2008.
Fascinating information about the group
The Kadnai band is characterized by the presentation of songs in such musical genres as Ukrainian indie and electro-pop. The official creation of the team falls on 2012th year. The musical group Kadnay consists of:
 Phil Kolyadenko - plays the guitar;
 and the founder Dmitry Kadnay, who at the same time independently writes the text and musical part of the tracks;
In the winter of 2014, the guys released their first compilation of the same name, which, according to the official version, was released on December 16th. The presentation of the album resulted in a stunning large-scale show in the capital of Ukraine, after which the musicians organized a tour of the Ukrainian regions.
Two years later, in the summertime, work was completed on the 2nd music collection, which was called "23FLOOR". It was presented at iTunes on June 10th.
In support of the newly minted mini-album, the band decided to demonstrate a trilogy video for the musical compositions "Symphony Of Love", "Hitchcock" and "Empty Shades".
In 2017, in the middle of winter, Kadnay participated in the selection round to Eurovision. At that time, they planned to win with the single "Freedom In My Mind". The jury considered that the group deserves the highest marks, which caused a tremendous resonance between the fans of the group and the audience.
In the same year, at the end of autumn, the stars presented their debut collection in Ukrainian, which was called "Feel".
When winter came, they were nominated for a worthy Yoon Music Award - Pop Group of the Year.
Single for the national selection round for Eurovision 2018
At the moment, no one knows which single the guys will decide to choose for their next performance.
Additional information about the band
Dmitry Kadnay is a member of the TV project Chance Star Factory.
According to the figures for Cosmopolitan in 2011, the band's frontman was ranked among the 3 most sexy men in the world.
The growth of a purebred Ukrainian artist is 194 cm. Many fans believe that if he had not worked out with singing, then his basketball career would have been a success.
The musician was born in 1989 on November 3rd in the city of Dnipro.
In a word, the duet is worth listening to, and then drawing certain conclusions.